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  1. Aigo0 Kamjagiya

    Gw nctzen tapi gilaa lagunya enak banget, lisa otw masuk list bias sama 23 bujankku

  2. gehad and somya and salma

    i love you my lovely

  3. Jennie Queen of Aegyo 💖

    Beautiful girl

  4. Pazzap Expedition

    I never Thai could be so fluent in English and Korean. It is just amazing.

  5. بوڤيتِ𖧷.

    غيريهه نعرفج اني غيرت مليون مره ريلوت ناتلي و بوڤيت 😻🍜.

  6. Jennie Queen of Aegyo 💖


  7. Tayfun Tutmak

    Lov yu mi

  8. Jennie Queen of Aegyo 💖

    Humble Queen

  9. Rei Anyarin

    น้ำตาจิไหล ภูมิใจในตัวลิซ่า ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Aneena. R

    I don't know know how many times I heard this song

  11. Havin Bgl

    All my love is Rosé

  12. Lilith 123597202792

    Is it just me or when i listen to this song the only thing i can think about is squid games and number 067.

  13. Priyanka Goel

    They r queens of the kpop

  14. Cabbar YANBASAN


  15. Havin Bgl

    Rosé who broke your heart ?!!!

  16. Luka' Swith

    A melhor música delas e mais bem produzida ninguém vem dar views Agora naqueles treco ruim cheio de batida forte tudo igual ta quase com 1bilhao

  17. Violet

    Yaptığın her şey çok iyi Lisa, senin gibi.

  18. Bakugou Katsuki

    Drop some some money!💵💵

  19. Havin Bgl

    She is so perfect

  20. rriim

    The one and Only K-Pop Girl Group That Reach 60M+ SUBSCRIBERS and 1 BILLION VIEWS ON THEIR MVS<333 And one of the Most Successful Group<3333

  21. Rice Drip

    Jennie is probably one of the members that stands out to me the most. She's hated for being herself everyday. Her specialty and charisma is what drives her haters insane. They can't even keep up to her. The way she expresses herself through her music and her lyrics just make me so emotional. People who acknowledge it are the ones who thrive along with her.

  22. بوڤيتِ𖧷.

    مدري شرد اوفف تعرفوني ما اعرف ارد عَ الكلام الحلو 👶🏻💔.

  23. Havin Bgl

    Rosé we always stream for you

  24. luat nguyenvanluat

    I love you Lisa

  25. Jennie Queen of Aegyo 💖

    She is a precious angel

  26. Stephen Marak

    Wow 🥰

  27. ham taro

    รักเด้อลิซ่า จากคนไทย

  28. Anonymous Guy

    The transition tho🔥🥵..

  29. Adingz Namoca

    Forever young😊😊😊

  30. Sai

    Black pink blinks hit like

  31. Jennie Queen of Aegyo 💖

    Jendeukieeeeee We love you

  32. Jennie Queen of Aegyo 💖

    She is multi talented

  33. Riadou

    This song is made for squid game

  34. aashish gupta


  35. 전 정국 불니마

    Wow lalisa very beautiful song

  36. Mahnoor Fatima

    1:18 Yikess..... Yes i m addicted to this....

  37. Phượng Kim


  38. Jennie Queen of Aegyo 💖

    Jennie the prettiest

  39. اسلامی عقیدۃ اور عقیدت

    It is September let us see how many people are listening to this masterpiece 💜

  40. - زهَـراءّ .

    احس اريد اغير اسمي غير زهراء بس اخاف محد يعرفني اني غيرت شكل الحساب الكل ضيعني 👧💔.

  41. 𝗦𝗶𝐥𝐢𝕟ጸ.

    ليو الثيم مالتج يشك شك👶🏻🍭.

  42. K A Z U T O R A


  43. بوڤيتِ𖧷.

    اي 🙀🍭.

  44. kail acxz

    Holy Cow, this is 2021 Bop Song change my mind

  45. Hannah De Asis

    Keep stre*ming harder

  46. Ich Tina

    Askim jenniieee

  47. Havin Bgl

    I miss Blacksé/Brownsé

  48. 𝗦𝗶𝐥𝐢𝕟ጸ.

    هسه تجي هذيج ام راس مربع وتكول نسخونا🙀🍭.

  49. BTS are leJINdry

    Jennie the best rapper✨💜(for me)

  50. mmm

    Drop some money. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Lisa yahhhh😘

  51. بوڤيتِ𖧷.


  52. Ich Tina


  53. Elanne Lee

    o h

  54. Angel Lisa 🌼


  55. HT Tones

    Just imagine how many viewers come here every seconds. This song legendary

  56. Ich Tina

    Bok lalisa

  57. Faye Lopez

    as a fan of bsides, i like this song more. stream LALISA

  58. Havin Bgl

    Miss Blacksé/Brownsé

  59. m waqar

    1B blinks lets go

  60. Shroomboi64

    SANA from TWICE opens the champagne better than LISA.

  61. Tiktok Seleb

    Money cant buy happiness

  62. Ich Tina

    Go 728

  63. Giang Nguyễn

    The best

  64. Lalamae M

    Bittersweet .. we will support u always Lisa

  65. Havin Bgl

    I love so much her interaction and friendship with her dancers

  66. Mashiholala`♡

    Tüm soloları sevdim ama benim için Blackpinkteki best solo bu



  68. Ich Tina


  69. Lilon rap

    La LiSA

  70. Mashiholala`♡

    Çok tatlı lan

  71. Pradeep Kumar Yadav


  72. Mashiholala`♡

    Ağağağ tipe bak

  73. Tayfun Tutmak


  74. LUTFIAH Tm


  75. Susheela

    Finally blackpink is coming to India

  76. LUTFIAH Tm


  77. Havin Bgl

    Best lead dancer